I’m Back!!

After a week of working in another state, I have come back to higher altitudes and a list of things to do that may exceed 5280 feet. I may have finished half. 🙂

Life is back to normal, but I am a bit sad. I know that blogs take time and many people are much too busy to add another thing to look at on the internet. Believe me, I understand. I had to make a list of things I must do while strapped to my chair while my eyes commit to hours of screen damage. It can be painful. I want people to feel very comfortable about this blog. If you like something, review it. If you feel brave and want to post a masterpiece, post it. I will read it and tell you what I think. Read my work and tell me what you think. It’s easy and less painful than a stubbed toe or mindless hours of internet searching. Who knows, maybe someone will see your beautiful piece of work and query you about it. Hey, you never know!! With that being said, don’t be scared and post your next idea, poem, story, and fabulous work at this fabulous site.

Hope to see your writing soon! Have a great day! Happy New Year. May this year bring many readers.


Let it out... we are all listening.

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