My Pretty Pink Knife


                This piece is an actual  dream I had. Where the story begins, is also where my dream began. My husband did buy me a knife. He said he searched a long time to find me a knife with a pink handle. For some reason, I had this crazy dream about it. So, I thought I would share my dream with everyone. Enjoy.

I knew something was wrong when the two men wouldn’t stop staring at me. Their harsh glares made my heart sink into my stomach, but I just kept walking. I tried not to turn and look to see if they had started following me. However, my head wouldn’t stop looking in their direction. They were looking at me and then they looked at each other. It was clear what their next step was and in no time I started to run. I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me. I searched my surroundings for an exit point. There was nothing. I was in some open space behind a building. It was filled with sand or dirt of some kind. There were no roads or witnesses. I looked behind me while in full sprint and I saw them getting closer. Each had slight smirks on their faces. Both of them knew that they would get a piece of me without much of a fight.

I suddenly fell on the slick dirt. One of the attackers was right behind me. Without really thinking of my next move, I threw the loose dirt in his eyes. This really pissed him off. He had long, bushy hair, with a beard to match. His face was bitter and wrinkly. This made him look old, but if I had to guess, I would say he was only around 40. His friend however, was much younger. He was at least 25 and got very angry when he saw what I did to his friend, who was still digging dirt out of his eyes.

I started kicking and screaming. In my attempts to fight and not really making sense of where I was aiming, I managed to kick up all the dirt around me. It left the men in quite a panic. I must tell you that I knew why they couldn‘t see, but for some reason I could see very well. It was almost like a bubble was surrounding me and I was impervious to the sand, dirt, or any debris. So, I stood up and tried to escape.

The older guy, in his attempt to find me while sifting through the dirt, grabbed my arm, and threw me on the ground. I hit the earth with a hard thud and this caught the attention of the second man. With one arm free, I remembered that I had a knife in my pocket. It was a pretty pink knife given to me by my husband. I’m sure it was meant to open boxes or remove clothing tags, but today I was going to use it to save my life. I pulled it out and clutched the pretty pink handle with everything I had. Which, to my astonishment, was a lot at the moment. The dust was still not settled and for some reason I could still see. I maneuvered the knife to revile the shiny blade. I heard the older man start to laugh. Then the younger one chimed in. “What are you going to do with that?”
I glared at him and kicked him in the stomach. I guess it was pretty hard because he went down and started crying like a baby. This made me laugh a little inside. His older friend didn’t like the fact that I had kicked his buddy and he started to lunge at me. The knife, I had still clenched in my hand, was very sharp. It maintained its sharpness because I had never used it. Even though it didn’t look like much it was about to wreak havoc on these two jerks. So, aiming as best as I could, I took the knife to his throat and cut the right side of his neck. He looked at me in shock as I knew he could feel the blood pouring from his fresh wound. I was in a little shock too.

I really psyched myself up, praying that this knife would save the day. Never did I think the knife would do any damage. After the shock wore off, my confidence really soared and I quickly took the knife and slashed the other side of his neck. I was extremely excited and a little frightened that I could do such a thing. Now that this prick was out of the picture I only had the other guy to fight off.
The dirt had settled by now, but to my surprise he was nowhere in sight. I searched all around me, the knife in hand ready to keep slashing. I had to know where he was. My life was on the line here. I was confused. I could have sworn that just seconds before I cut the other side of his friends neck, I could still hear him on the ground, crying like a baby. Maybe he saw what I was capable of and decided that death by a knife was not the way he wanted to end his life. It was then, when I decided to walk towards where I had come from and contact the police.

I never saw the second guy again. It wasn’t until a few weeks later, when I had got a phone call from the police saying that they found my second attacker. I wanted to hear he had died in a knife fight, but I knew that was a long shot. Apparently, he had been dealing with some major stomach problems. He was hemorrhaging from the kick to the stomach and had died shortly after being admitted to the hospital. I’m not sure I have too much remorse for him or for his friend that he left behind. When this gets out on the news, that some girl with a 3 inch knife fended off two attackers, then maybe the world will become a little safer. Until that happens, (which we all know will be never), I will give that day to my 3 inch, pink knife, and my brush of pure luck.


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