The Car

This is one of my first pieces of work. It was written alomst 7 years ago. I gave it a quick spell/grammar check, but it is not perfect. I want to keep this as is. I like how it shows how far I have come in my writting career.



It was the first month of the New Year, 1980. Everything was hopeful for the two proud, about to be owners of their brand new 1980 Nissan 280zx. It was candy apple red, three-door hatchback, with a L28 engine, five speed Borg-Warner T-5 manual. It had power windows and a high-end stereo system. The car was compared to cars like the Corvette, Porsche 924, and the almighty Toyota Supra.

“Take care of this one, she be worth so much if you do.” The salesman said as the two owners drove it off the lot, but not without smoking the tires and a couple of donuts first.

Years had passed, and the beautiful Nissan still ran like the day it drove off the assembly line. Despite the owners never giving the car, an oil change, or any other good maintenance checks. The Nissan always waited for it. She knew that her owners loved her very much and that they would not neglect her. This Nissan was optimistic. Therefore, she just kept driving along as if nothing were wrong with her. The day did finally come when the male owner of the car gave her the works. Tune-up, oil change, air filter, even new transmission fluid. She felt like a brand new car.

Things were looking up for this Nissan. Then, it happened again. The neglect came and she knew that her two owners were going to give her up. The Nissan was very sad. Even though they hardly ever gave her the proper maintenance she needed, she loved them. They were her first owners and she did not want them to let her go.

“How much do you want for her mister?” Asked a kid younger than the Nissan herself.

‘Do you have a driver’s license kid?” Asked the male owner.

“I get it tomorrow.”

“Okay then, fifteen hundred.” The male owner said proudly.

“You want me to pay fifteen hundred dollars. This car is seventeen years old!’

“Yes, it is and I was the only owner. She has some miles on her and she needs some maintenance, but she has not ever let me down. Hell, once I did not give this girl a tune-up or an oil change for years and she never let me know. That is probably why I forgot. She is pretty quiet.”

The kid thought for a minute. Fifteen hundred was a lot, but he just needed something for a few years.

“All right, I’ll take her.”

The Nissan was so sad. Nevertheless, she still kept driving right along. She didn’t want to trouble anyone with all her problems. This Nissan had a lot wrong with her. She knew it wouldn’t be long before she would finally just give out. Nevertheless, not now, she wanted to make people happy. Even if it meant some huge sacrifices on her beautiful engine.

The new owner was more neglectful to her than her old owners ever were. She had some new parts, new tires, and some good maintenance. However, she never got to do what she really wanted to do, drive. She knew she was once compared to some great cars. She wanted to be out there on the open road. To feel the wind on her tired metal and the asphalt on her tires. She dreamed of it every day. Then, the unthinkable happened. She had been sitting in this dark alleyway for two or three years, so finally someone came by and stripped her of all her parts. They took her brand new tires, her still spotless interior, and some of her engine. They left her doors, the paneling, frame, and her steering wheel.

The Nissan was heartbroken. She knew that her new owner didn’t care and that her old owners would never be there to rescue her. A few months later, the stripped Nissan was towed to a nearby junk yard. The Nissan sat at the junk yard for many years. Many people have taken various parts from her. She was almost bare. Every day she would hear people talk of what a great car she was and how she could be turned into something better, if only the right person would come along. Well that gave the Nissan hope. Maybe someone would take her. She still had some good parts on her and her paint was in good condition.

So, every day she would try to make sure the sun would shine on her just right and anybody that gave her a glance she would wonder if they might be interested. More months passed and the Nissan was about to give up all hope. She couldn’t wait till the tow truck came and smashed her into a million pieces.

“Well I’m looking for something that I can really fix up. Something that has only had a couple of owners.” Said a calming voice in the distance.

‘Well we do have a car with only three hundred thousand miles on it. It has had two owners. But I have to warn you buddy, this car has been through a lot. Hell, I’m surprised we have kept her this long. Lots of prospects but no takers.” said the junkyard manager.

‘Well, let’s look.” said the man.

‘Wow, she pretty beat up.’

‘Yeah, she was stripped of all her parts. You could really use what she has though. Look at that paint job. Nice huh?’ said the manager.

‘She is very pretty,” said the man.

Could this be the one that gets me out of this place, thought the Nissan? The hope that left her had returned. Then it happened.

“I’ll take her.”

“Really?” said the manager.

“Really?” thought the Nissan.

“Yeah, I got some time and a few extra dollars. I think this can be the car that turns some heads, again.”

The months that had passed were the best months this Nissan could ever remember. She got a new turbo charged engine, new exhaust, tires, and shiny new rims. She was also equipped with red and black racing seats, a top of the line custom made stereo system, and brand new interior. It was as if she was a new car. The new owner always changed her oil and gave her the regular maintenance checks. He never let her sit for more than a day. They were always driving. She loved it. The wind on her beautiful paint, her tires gripping every inch of the asphalt. It was what any red, 1980 280zx, turbo engine, two-seater, T-top Nissan would have wanted. Especially this one.


2 thoughts on “The Car

    1. I chose the 280z because, at the time, it was a car that my husband was really into. I wrote the story for him. The car is me. It is a story about my life, in car form. I made myself a car to keep my husband interested in the story. He’s not much of a reader.

      The story means a great deal to me. It says so much and in turn, says so little.


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