Hunting Grounds

This is another 10 minute write. What is great about this piece, is that the alarm went off at exactly the last word written. While I had a longer thought in my head, I looked at the sentence and thought ‘perfect’. What a great sentence to end another one of my warped mind pieces. I hope you enjoy. On a side note: These 10 minute writes are helpful. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as enjoy writing them.

It was a day of beauty. Birds were singing, the sun was shining, and the temperature was just right. It was a good day to find my next victim. I walked my usual route, down the baseline of the trees that grew along the dirt road. The river ran alongside the trees and I loved to hear the water crashing against the rocks. Travelers often drove on the dirt road. This road veered from the highway. Some called it a shortcut to the town nearby. I called it hunting grounds. Such silly drivers who believed they would be all right if they took a dirt road to bypass traffic. Isn’t clear that one should never take a dirt road to anywhere in unfamiliar territory. Don’t they read the papers? Don’t they watch the news? I’ve been snatching bodies off this road for years. What amazes me is how not a single person has figured it out yet. Isn’t it suspicious that random people come up missing? I don’t have any specific people that I target, just anyone who thinks they are a genius by taking the “shortcut”. It makes me laugh. In reality, it isn’t a short cut at all. In fact, if one were to make it to the other end of this road, they would find it adds an extra 20 minutes. You would think GPS would tell them that, but that’s the thing, people who come down this road aren’t thinking or using any sort of technology. They are, “I’m not lost husbands”, or “Dude, let’s take the back road”. Idiots, they are all idiots. I, however, have them all pegged. It was a great day for killing. Mama was hungry.


4 thoughts on “Hunting Grounds

  1. I thought half way through that it might turn out to be a dog, running cars off the road, or some clever twist like that. Instead it’s just creepy & I want to know more about Mama! Great job with these exercises!


    1. Hopefully you’re into creepy. I enjoy it. Perhaps too much. Thank you for reading. I hope I can continue these exercises. They are really helpful. And who knows, one could make for a pretty interesting story some day.


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