I’m Just An Angry Individual


Ok… Ok… The title is an almost lie. I am quite angry, but my anger varies. I’m not always mad, but when I am, people should beware. It’s not pretty and I can say some hurtful things.

With that being said, I am devoting my 10 min write to being angry. I wrote this in a fit of rage. Be thankful I write when I’m angry. Also be thankful I run when I am angry. I hope that this makes you smile. It made me grin, so I read it again and again. (Sorry – I love the Joker)


Why! Why do I do this to myself? I expect the best from people and all they do is give me shit. Literally.
Observant people are my friends. Respectful people are my friends. Dependable, reliable, trustworthy, independent, and intelligent people are my friends. These are the type of people who can hang out with me. If you are cocky, arrogant, ignorant, lack judgement, have no regard for others, lack a willingness to give respect, and above all are un-observant… apply elsewhere.

Your type of person bothers me to the core. So much, that I am willing to get a pen and paper and rant about it! Is life so difficult that you can’t recognize minor things? For instance: turning off lights, opening and closing doors, using things that don’t belong to you. I could name a thousand other things, but my head is so full of rage that I am having a difficult time deciphering which shitty thing to write next.

In reality, you should be covered in a sweet, sticky substance, dragged through the woods, beaten, and then hanged by your ankles. I hope the wildlife have fun dissecting your flesh. Maybe you’ll pass out from the shock and hours later, when you wake up in pain, but feel you’re going to make it, you’re eaten by a bear.

Oh sweet justice.

You say this is horrible. I say it’s one less idiot we have to worry about who will surely populate the planet with another idiot.

That’s my rant. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I’m a bit tired of people who have two brain cells. Instead of the cells helping the brain they inhabit, they are fighting over who should live and who should die. Maybe I can find a shirt that says ‘I write so I don’t kill people’ *sigh*


4 thoughts on “I’m Just An Angry Individual

    1. I actually had some reservations before I aired this, but I said screw it. It was(is) a rant, and I love ranting. I don’t rant often, but when I do, it feels so nice. It’s better to let it out than keep it in. I wrote Assumptions years ago when I worked at an auto parts store. I came home from work in an extra ‘cheery’ mood and let loose on my computer. It’s better than screaming, or going to jail for aggravated assault. (I’ve never been – perhaps this is why) I’m glad you like it and are following. Do you have a blog I can follow, or something alomg the lines? I’d love to read, if your willing.


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