This is another 10 minute exercise. I’m really beginning to like these.
I had this thought in my head when running last week. I began constructing a story while I was running. I thought of all the horrible things that could happen when running alone, in unfamiliar territory. So, to spice things up on my run, (as I was thinking about this story), I actually did take a path that I’ve never ran before. I did not go down any dirt roads, but that doesn’t mean this girl can’t.

It was morning. I did the usual routine. I dressed in my same running attire and headed out the door. There were many paths I could take when selecting a course for my morning jog. I chose the straightway that had a slight hill. It was a well designed bike path that circled the entire city. I always ran to my usual stopping point and made my way back home. I started my run and by mile two I was already bored. This wasn’t a good start considering I had 6 more miles until I turned around. My music wasn’t keeping me entertained, and the scenery wasn’t doing anything for me either. I took a deep breath and contemplated going back home. I wanted my outdoor excursions to be fun. It’s always a better run if you can enjoy yourself. That’s when I saw it. A road I have never taken. I noticed that the sidewalk ended after a few feet, so I would have to run on the road. It can be dangerous depending on the road and the terrain that’s beside it, but I was so damn bored. My gut told me to stay on the regular path, but it always told me to do what was right. So far, my instincts have led me through a mundane ritual that is my life. I needed change. I went off the bike path and started down the strange, new road. I was so excited that my pace began to quicken. I took in all the new scenery with gusto. The air even seemed to have a new aroma. This run was going to be the best run I’ve had in a long time. As my feet left the sidewalk and hit the road, I carefully made sure I was in view of cars. The road had many narrow curves and hills. Even though I’m not a fan of hills, I embraced them with a full even stride. The mountains started to encase the road and the scenery was breathtaking. Why hadn’t I taken this road before? A creek followed the road and the sound was spectacular. As my run was getting deeper into the mountains, the houses became fewer. The paved road ended and a dirt road began. My gut screamed at me to turn around, but today was the day that I was going to stop listening to its boring lectures. What could be so bad about running down an unfamiliar dirt road?

I have a thing for dirt roads. I always envision bad things happening on them. This is strange because I’m from a town with plenty of dirt roads and not one memorable thing ever happened on them.


5 thoughts on “Instincts

  1. I love your 10 minute writes.. very inspiring to me to do the same every day. Such an important tool for writers & see how it influences you now! Every writer should aspire to this.

    I love dirt roads, too. In fact, I almost bought a photo of one this past weekend. I don’t have the foreboding & doom your writing vein explores, but every time I see a road like that, especially when I travel on it, I can’t help but create some character’s life event around it!


    1. I’m so glad you are enjoying the writes. I am glad I am inspiring someone. I think that it’s a very influentual tool. Perhaps I should take a vote and see which story should be extended.

      I keep trying to find a picture of a dirt road that might invoke some fear, but I’m not having any luck.
      My writing vein is a morbid vessel.

      Thank you for reading my quickies. I really apprectiate it.


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