I feel mundane, I feel unmotivated. It is a depressive feeling, but I’m not depressed in terms of the definition. I’m actually quite opposite of depressed. How does one get out of this slump? I work out. I rarely eat junk food. I talk to friends and family. I have a dog and a husband. All these things should make me happy. However, they are actually un-relevant to my happiness. What should make me happy is their undying support. Their support should motivate me enough to post on this blog more than once every two weeks. Yes, you figured it out. I am sad because I haven’t posted anything on here for almost two weeks. I was writing for ten minutes nearly everyday for a week. It was good. I was getting followers, comments, and the type of support and attention I needed – or shall I say- wanted. This is why I have trouble knowing why I quit. I can guesstimate many reasons. The reasons may be justified, but only because I will tell myself they are justifiable. I will try to reason with any excuse. The hard truth is that I just didn’t feel like it. I slumped into a non-writing funk. Everyday I could feel a bit of inspiration, but it fleeted my mind. The inspiration wasn’t strong enough for me to make a point. I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way. However, when inspiration visits other people, it can be a lonely place while waiting for it to make its rounds; a very lonely place. I try to hurry inspiration by reading, drawing, or playing the piano, but it takes it’s time – for it has no agenda. Granted, it did visit me in different costumes, but it wasn’t the outfit I was hoping for. I didn’t want the reading, drawing, or piano costume. I wanted the writing costume. That’s my favorite. *sigh*.

While you were reading this, inspiration came wearing the appropriate attire. It’s subtle, but it will do. That was your quickie. It took me a while to write something. Even if it wasn’t a scary, thrilling, or a heart gripping story, it was a piece of my soul; non the less. As I always say to almost everyone I meet – something is better than nothing.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Cindi! Insightful. I lull myself to sleep at night by “working” on my stories in my mind. And then when I sit down to put it to “paper,” nothing comes out. When I force it, I’m not happy. I understand that forcing the work turns into doing the work, but it’s hard to do. Especially when there are cats, children, husbands, housework, a day job and plenty of things that are easy to enjoy. So this is me, saying “I’m with you! Every little bit counts.”


    1. I find that I get most of my ideas at night and hate that I can’t write them down. I’m not happy when I force my ideas either. However, maybe my forced ideas will generate something of value. I just hope that I can keep up with this blog and all the ideas that are swimming through my brain.


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