‘Sam the Mighty’ vs. ‘Winter the Great’

As I sleep, I dream of places to go.

Suddenly I am awakened by a cold nose.

I open my eyes and all I can see,

Is a 90-pound dog staring at me.

He knows I’m awake, as he wags his tail.

I crawl out of bed as fast as a snail.

Impatiently he waits as I throw on some clothes.

I know he is yelling ‘Hurry, I have to go!’.

I stumble up the stairs.

He is already up there.

He runs to the door.

I am still on step four.

I reach for the handle and what do I see?

Snow on the ground and snow on the trees.

I see the look on his face, his ears perked high.

Like a kid in a candy store, sparkles were in his eyes.

As soon as the latch left the hinge,

He jumped over the steps and started his revenge.

He ran in circles like a racecar

Ripping at the snow with sharp claws.

He pounced back and forth fighting with the snow.

Round after round he gives that snow ‘what for’.

Every year they fight for the belt,

But who wins after the snow melts?

The snow takes a beating and withers away

Maybe next year he will have his day.

The day is not over as the dog goes inside.

He waits by the door to take another ride.

I am posting this poem for my dog Sam. He is no longer able to play in the snow, as of now. He has injured himself. He loves to run circles in the snow. My husband and I call it NASCAR. All he does is make left turns. He loves to eat the snow. He also likes to bury his head in the snow and flip his head upward so the snow flys through the air. It is the funniest thing to watch.

This particular poem was written while my dog was outside ‘beating up’ the snow. This is the time that when inspiration comes, you take every advantage. I would love to turn this into a children’s book, complete with illustrations of Sam and the snow fighting.

Sam was taken to the vet recently (3-17-12) because of a ball around his ankle. I thought it was fluid and they would just drain it. It is actually cancer. I didn’t see that coming. Now more than ever, I hope Sam will recover and once again play in the snow.


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