Something New


It has been so long that I almost don’t know what to write. I, my mind rather, took a break from blogging. I feel rather bad about this because things were going so well. I realize now why my break was extended. I didn’t have anything to share that I felt passionate about. I did, but I saw this blog as something only used for writing. Then, as I was running one day, I had a realization. The blog is about writing, it just isn’t aimed at what I would like to write about. Okay then, what do I want to write about? Fiction is great, poems are lovely, but I feel disconnected sometimes and can’t fill this blog with stories everyday, every week, and not so recently, every month. I want to write about me and the world around me. That was my epiphany.

With that out-of-the-way, I am taking a different approach. I love to write in the moment. When I am angry, sad, happy, and moved with great emotion, the words flow out. However, I am not always filled with great emotion, i.e. the void of posts. I do like to write about things that I am very interested in and have plenty of knowledge. So I changed the appearance of my blog and will now be filling its walls with words that I feel need to come out of me. These words can be fiction, poems, rants, and now, life experiences.

If you are following me, please know that I feel very moved to start blogging about my life. I feel that this different direction can keep this blog alive and keep the voices in my head silent for a brief amounts of time. 😉 I am a very busy lady and have plenty to talk about. I am very excited about this change.

I am going to change my about page and the heading, (once I figure that out). I hope that my new ideas will keep you entertained.

Please stay tuned for a blog that will keep me busy (sane), and keep you reading.

See, everybody wins. 🙂


Let it out... we are all listening.

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