No One Listens To Tim

I asked my husband this morning a fairly simple question. I said, “If you could choose a day of the week solely dedicated to you, what day would you choose?”. He was lying in bed and I’m sure he wasn’t fully awake because he said, “……….”

That’s right, he didn’t answer. A good minute later he says, “I don’t know”.
I say inquisitively, “Just pick one”.
He still didn’t know and then told me that his days off were pretty special. I’m thinking this question isn’t that hard, but it must have been too much. He spouted off with one day. His birthday. I felt an urgent need to compromise and suggested that every day was a “Tim” day. He agreed, I think.

So without further babble, I give you “Nobody Listens To Tim”.

I was going to bore you with another conformist saying, but I thought this was a little more creative. Plus, this is something my husband has said for years.

“Nobody Listens To Tim” will run daily. Each day I will fill your brains with knowledge that spills from my husbands brain and out of his mouth. Some of its filtered and some of its not. I’m sure you know that this means – some of its offensive and some is not.

I almost guarantee that you will laugh, agree, and smile. He’s a funny guy with a load of sarcastic things to share. That’s why I dedicate a small portion of everyday to my husband.


Let it out... we are all listening.

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