My Bestfriend

He’s such a happy dog. I am saving Saturdays for a dog like no other, in my humble opinion. This is Sam. He is 10 years old. He loves trips in the car, swimming, bones, balls, squeaky toys, chasing things that move, kittens, people, small white female dogs, lying on the bed, rolling in the grass, and most of all, regulating all the dogs at any dog park. “No barking or rough play, please.”, Sam says with his one loud bark.

I am delegating Saturdays to Sam because he deserves it. Sam helped me through some extremely unpleasant moments in my life. He has never judged me, always loved me, and never deserted me. He is my personal savior. Plus he will never hold that title over my head or try to blackmail me. 😉 See, he is a good dog. Not many friends are that loyal.

Unfortunately, for Sam and all that know him, he will not be gracing us with his presence much longer. He has osteosarcoma. It is bone cancer. About 3 months ago he was diagnosed and the vets gave him 6 months to live. He let me know last night that he was now ready to go. Many people I’ve met who either own dogs or do not, have informed me that an animal will let you know when it is time. I suppose I knew this, but my logical, realistic side knows that dogs can’t speak. However, their body language screams words that many are unwilling to hear. My dog “talked” to me last night. When my husband and I came home from our dinner date, Sam did not greet us with his usual self. Instead, he lied on his bed, took a deep breath and managed to wag his tail. I positioned my body beside him. He laid he head on my legs. I cried. Something I am trying not to do while I type this. It is very hard.

Sam will be going to the vet today for his last inspection. I will discuss a date with the vet and try not to sob all over the tile.

I love you Sam. Saturday will be your day. But we all know that I will not just think of you on Saturdays. I will think of you all the time. Perhaps we will meet in again. You will pass into human form and the universe will take the time for our paths to cross. I will hold you now, cherish our time together here, and wait patiently for the next time we meet. I will then cherish that time too. I love you, my friend.

If you would love to read a story about Sam, click here.


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