He’s So Cute

It is a busy Saturday. Today I celebrate my seven-year anniversary and It’s Sam Saturday. Since you have already seen my sentimental post to my husband, I will show you a poem I wrote many years ago about my dog, Sam. I hope it puts a smile to your face and we can remember Sam just as he was….




Sam is a dog I know who thinks he’s very cute.

He wags his tail, smiles a lot, and seems somewhat aloof.

He thinks he is protecting me when dangers do appear.

But Sam wouldn’t hurt anything that gets too near.

He loves his walks and trips in the car.

And any time he sees his ball.

He loves the ladies and small French poodles.

And anything that moves or wiggles.

He sleeps all day.

And all night.

He loves to play like he’s in a fight.

He sleeps on his bed and yours too.

Mostly he sheds and if you’re not careful he will eat your food.

But if you are sad he will always make you smile.

He’s the coolest dog I know.

Hope he stays for a while.


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