I am not one to try to conform too often. I believe in sharing thoughts and ideas through all the social media outlets I can find and that is my way of trying not to conform by conforming. Hmmm…. I’m realizing that this does not make sense. I think I have been this way all of my existence – confusing. Here is my personality in a nutshell. I like to follow others, but not really. I stand out when I need to. I stand up for what I believe in. I lead when I am needed.

Who do I have to thank for all of these qualities? Since it is Mother’s Day, I could blame my mother for all my amazing attributes. However, I can’t give her all the credit. Recently, I was visited by my dad because of a family emergency that brought him in my general direction. What an extraordinary few days it has been.

I live in Colorado. My dad is from here. I also have many relatives who reside in this glorious state. I have lived here for three years and never set foot in any of their areas. I don’t have a reason as to why, I have just never been compelled to do so. When my dad came to visit, I saw most of my relatives. I have concluded this from just a few hours of speaking with those whom I never see.

1 – I get many creative abilities from my great-aunt. She also likes to be bossy, strong-willed, and opinionated. Check, Check, Check, and Check.

2 – I may get some indecisive behavior from my uncle. Yes or No… I’m not sure.

3 – I have an aunt who has a ‘can do attitude’. Let’s Do It!!


My dad is up for anything and his flexible behavior is embedded in me. He loves nature, driving, and cracking jokes. Check, Check, Check, and Check. He also has a very sarcastic side. Check. Oh yes, he loves dogs. Check.

My mom loves the city, but lives in the middle of nowhere. She likes to make things, read, cook, complain, give hugs, laugh, express her opinion to anyone, help people in need, garden, shop, explore, joke, and be herself without worry.

I have collected many personality traits from all my relatives. I have gathered some great things from my dad. For all these things I am truly blessed. Without them, I would not be me. However, my mother accepted me without knowing who I was. She loved me before she even knew my name or the type of person I was(am). She fed me when I was hungry, held me when I was sad, and helped ease me when I was angry. For all these things and more, I am truly grateful.

Here is a post that is like all the others, but isn’t. It conforms, but it doesn’t. It is just like my mother, just like me.


Thank you mom for being who you are, without compromise. I love you.


Let it out... we are all listening.

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