This Box Will Work

I have a rant. I have many meaningful, justified soap boxes. They all contain different labels. The biggest soap box reads “Caution: This Person Is Aggravated By People Who Refuse to Change!” I know, I know… However, hear me out. Where I find faults in others, I also find the same faults in myself. When I find these faults, I try hard to change them. This is the purpose of my rant. I’m trying very hard to see through the eyes of people who aggravate me. Writing about my frustrations helps the learning process. A justified soap box should always have a label that can be removed. Perhaps my new label will read, “Caution: This Person Will Not Be Aggravated By Your Unsightly Views, Just Slightly Irritated.” :-0   No, I promise I see the light at the end of this post.



Lately, people with blinders have embraced me, individuals who live inside a box. This box is filled with a reality that is clouded with stereotypes, prejudice, and biases. I speak this because I often engage in these types of practices. None of us is perfect. It takes years to clear our mind of lies, negativity, and bad manners. Even the most unlikely people will have a thought slip in that isn’t just. It is part of human nature. However, is it complicated to take off the box and see things from another person’s perspective? Even when typing these words, I think of how I can help break down the barriers. Rip the box that suffocates our existence. It is almost unmanageable. I want to speak to these people I have encountered. I want to ask them why. Why do you think such things? Who put those thoughts in your head? Can they be changed? Will (would) you let me help you? As those questions are read, you may be asking – whom am I to judge others? Here lies the problem.

I am aggravated to the core by people who can’t see past their walls. An enclosure they built to hide from things they are scared of facing. However, how can I expect these people to deconstruct the structure and see from others perspectives when I won’t see things from theirs? A brick was put there for a reason, and another, and another for the same or completely different reasons. I can’t say. I can say this. I believe it is fear and the unwillingness to learn. It is the reason why the wall will remain standing. This is what makes me angry.

Stereotypes, prejudices, biases, negativity, and ignorance are often the mortar that holds the bricks in place. Is it impossible to think, for one second, that perhaps a girl can do something better than you? Is it insane to think that not everyone who is a minority will rob you? I often wonder why people go to foreign countries and honestly believe that everyplace they go should be just as good as home. These things frustrate me. I want to scream when I hear someone reject other’s ideas just because they read an article that contradicts it. Is it possible that the article could have been wrong because of misinformation? Perhaps not everything that is spoken, read, seen, or heard should be taken for what it is. Would it be too hard to question the source?

I request, for the sake of our children, that we start to tear down the walls that blind us. I suggest that we start to think beyond our box and let the clouds of deceived perception leak out and diminish into the burning rays of a new reality. A reality that is not filled with hate, biases, stereotypes, prejudices, and ignorance. As quoted in one of my favorite movies, “The Matrix,” from Morpheus, “Free your mind”.

Not everything is what it seems. Your yard is not like everyone else’s. Your life is no better than the next. We were born and we will die. How we live is the true test of our character. A character that is shaped by biology, environment, and our own perceptions. Will you go throughout your life being scared or being open to change? Will you accept others as they are and love them as such or will you hate? Will you look at your life and be content or find things that could be changed? The true test is will you change before it’s too late?

I said it before and I will never be ashamed to say it again. I am not perfect. I am no better than the next. I often judge. I see these faults and work hard to change them. Life is a process of forever trying to make you better, to rip down the walls, and see a new light. I hope I can get a grasp on others that find it difficult to change and the ones who may never change. I look forward to the day that my anger of people with blinders is focused on surrounding them with a contagious attitude of hope. On that day, I will know that I am no different from them and am still no better. We, together, are just changed.



Let it out... we are all listening.

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