It’s Just A Tiny Hole

Suck it up, woman!

As I hold choke back tears, I move forward.

Peel off the skin while it’s still numb!

I did. My husband, who injures himself on a daily basis due to his work, knows a thing or two about time frames. When you scrape your skin and excess skin is flapping about, peel it off while it’s still numb.

These are just some things that my husband said to me this weekend. Actually, both of these quotes came directly after each other.

We went hiking. It was a gorgeous day. At the beginning of our trek, I tripped over a rock and the tip of my pinky finger took all of the impact.

It doesn’t look like much when I look at it today, but it freakin’ hurt. I’m pretty sure I know why my husband told me to “suck it up”. I have came up with some reasons.

1. It’s just a simple flesh wound.

2. If we were in a survival situation, I can’t cry over everything.

3. He didn’t want to hear me complain.

4. My crying might have ruined the hike.

I will tell you one thing. Even though I almost let the flood gates open because of a tiny hole in my pinky, if I saw the same wound on someone else, I would have said the same thing. 🙂


Let it out... we are all listening.

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