Sometimes Conformity Leaves You Looking Stupid

Just because the windows are tinted, doesn’t mean this is a limo.

Tim reminded me of how he wasn’t a chauffeur when I asked him to stop by the bank. My reply? I shook my head and pointed in the direction of the bank.

Now, for something even funnier…

Tim pulls into the bank lot. You know because I told him to. He drives to the ATM, but not in a normal fashion. I almost questioned what in the world he was doing, but decided to watch. He proceeded to turn around and drive up to the ATM backwards. Again, I almost questioned him again, until I realized he was doing this so he didn’t have to handle my banking business. What’s funny about this? The moron that pulled up behind us, sort-of.

Now lets imagine this scene. The bank is in a busy area with one way streets and small parking lots that are connected to businesses. When you pull into the area with the ATM, there is only one way out. We pulled in going the right way. My husband just decided to let me take care of my money and made the decision to drive to the ATM in reverse. No big deal. Well, apparently it confused someone and they pulled up into the bank, through a parking lot, and down the one way entrance.

So I am thinking, despite all the signs that make it visibly clear which way to enter and exit, this guy saw our car and decided all the signs were wrong, we must be right. Hmmm…

We did something abnormal, along came someone else, and decided to blindly follow our lead. Except instead of driving in the right way, he came from a more difficult direction just to conform with everyone else, (us).

Tim says not to continually drink the water here. My ex-boss swears it must be the lack of oxygen depleting people’s brain cells. What do I think? Ever hear the song from The Refreshments – ‘Banditos’?  They are everywhere. *singing – the world is full of stupid people*




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