Hills: Part 1

It’s Trail Tuesday!!

If you are following my blog, you know that I am trying to go by a schedule. So today is a blog post about running. Today’s running post will feature hills.

I live in Colorado. I am from Missouri – home of the hills. Well, in Colorado, it’s home of the mountains and hills which elevation reach over 6,000 ft. My home sits at about 5,600 ft. The house sits in a valley. So when you take off for a run, you have to conquer a hill. It’s a gradual hill, but it can be defeating when you just start your trek.

Today I ran a hill that I have been having trouble with. I could only make it half way before I walked the rest. This hill is just one of the hills that I have yet to conquer in the neighborhood. I have mastered two, (now 3), of the 6.

I am now what the professionals call a seasoned runner. I have been running for over 3 years and have 4 races on my belt. One 5k, one 10k, and two half-marathons. {3.5, 6.2, and 13.1} It has taken me this long to figure out the art of running up a hill. To get an idea of the types of hills I am running, here are some pictures taken on a few of my jogs. I will take pictures of the specific hills.

I want to leave the last sentence. I started writing this blog 3 hours ago. I had a great idea to drive around and snap photos of the hills I run, so the reader can get a better sense of what I’m trying to say. I got in my car and started snapping away. When I reached the bottom of what is known as ‘Son of a Bitch Hill’, I park my car and snap a few photos. When I get back into my car to drive to the top, my car decides its had enough driving for today and the shift cable breaks. My car turns over, it just doesn’t want to move. Perhaps it likes the views. I start walking home. Luckily the walk is only 2 miles. Halfway there, a lady picks me up. She told me her name, but I forgot. Thank you lady in the nice car. I came home, uploaded my pictures, and decide that instead of posting all 28 pictures, I would make a movie. It’s about 2 minutes long. I did make the movie, but I need to upgrade in order to upload it. :-/

The first is a hill I FINALLY defeated this morning. The second hill I have been running up for quite some time. The third hill that seems to go on forever, is not on my belt. I have made it half way up and then, like my car, my shift link snaps and I can’t switch into a higher gear. I either end up walking the rest or turn around and run back home.

Since my car likes the views from 1/4 of the way up, I will make another video that includes more hills I haven’t run.

Because of the hills near me, I love doing races in the city. It’s all flat and I end up doing great. Thank you hills of Colorado for making me the best runner I can be. Enjoy the video. Pictures. Damn video thing. 😦 What an adventure. On a sidenote, I like this slide show. It’s pretty cool.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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