Well, That’s A Little Weird

Suzie Spoon - Serial Killer

Today I want to talk about a little secret of mine. It’s more of an insane obsession. The entire topic fascinates me.

They could be anyone. Your neighbor, your friend, your doctor…anyone. Most look quite normal, but hide deep secrets. Serial killers.

I know, I know… Many people might have stopped reading by now and what a shame, I haven’t even started yet. I’m not sure where my fascination stems from or maybe I do. Perhaps my true self is trapped in my unconscious and through my writing and reading is slowly trying to break free. I mean with posts such as this and this and this, this statement might be true. Don’t worry though, I won’t let my evil twin out. Another reason may be because I was one in another life. Hmmm… Or perhaps I just want to know more about them. Try and answer the big question. The one that burns deep inside us all. Why?

How I Relate With Reading

I have one book that I read and used in a school project. How To Make A Serial Killer by authors Christopher Berry-Dee and Steven Morris

This book profiles the lives of numerous serial killers. It tells you the lives they led from childhood until their deaths or imprisonment; whatever the case may be. Then the book rates them. This part is interesting because it uses a F.B.I ranking system. There are 13 characteristics that make up a serial killer. The ranking system is presented after each killer’s story is read. Many people who you would believe to be near 100%, barely make it to 40% or even 60%. I used this book to compare 2 very notorious killers. Both admitted to killing hundreds of people. One had a life that no one would ever wish for and the other’s life wasn’t too bad. It was his perception that pushed him over the edge. If you ever get the chance, and have an obsesion with finding out why, then this book is for you.

I went to Barnes and Noble today and found an interesting book about Ed Gain and how he started a movie phenomenon. I want to buy the book. I will check my funds. If I buy it, I will give a full review.

 How I Relate With Writing  So on with my obsession. I wrote a story about a boy who grows up with a mother who ignored him and a father who beat him. Eventually the mother dies and the father starts blaming the son. The father makes the boy sleep in a barn. Eventually the father can’t and doesn’t want to care for him any longer and calls a distant relative who takes him. The boy is abandoned by this relative and made to live in a house, in the woods. The boy is messed up from the start and starts harassing the locals. He ends up murdering a person and finds he can’t quit. The story goes on from there. I wrote it and sent it to an editor. It needs a re-write, but I am thinking that I would like to break the story up and write it from different perspectives. The victims, and the killer(s). I don’t know of any stories that are written from a killers perspective. It’s always a narrative and you feel sorry for the victims. I just feel like I would like to take a different approach. Any ideas? Are there any books written form the killer’s perspective? If so, could you refer those books to me? I would love to learn all I can before taking this book on again. Many people love the story, but found it hard to feel for the characters because, to be honest, I don’t have the patience to write a novel. That’s why I had the idea to make the entire thing a slew of short stories. This is something I could handle.

How I Relate Through Career Choices 

Back to my personal agenda. I wanted to talk to serial killers when I was younger. It didn’t have to be serial killers per say, I just wanted to talk to people who had committed violent crimes. I knew this when I was 12. Then, came my thought of how I would actually be able to talk to violent people. I would become a psychotherapist. I even knew where I wanted to work. I never followed this dream. My life became entangled with my own personal struggles and I never saw this dream becoming a reality. Instead, I joined the Army. When I got out, I joined the nightlife. Then, I married and here I am. I am getting my degree in psychology. I think I might want to pursue my masters. I actually don’t know what I want to do. I often look at prisons, which isn’t hard because I live near 2, and still dream of working inside of one. I have made plenty of excuses over the years for not going after this. One and really the only good one, is I wasn’t sure I could listen to someone talk about their crimes. It would take a certain person to do this, and I really didn’t know if I was the one. But whose to say I’m not. Even I don’t know because I’ve never been put in the situation. Maybe I know the answers as I write this. Maybe I become that psychotherapist and talk to some people, then I write the books of a lifetime; a complete box set. Or a book with plenty of short stories from any perspective I want and people will buy them. Not because it’s a New York Time’s Bestseller, but because plenty of us are very curious about anyone who can kill another life and enjoy it enough to kill again and again. This is my obsession with finding out why. 

I have some questions for you….

1. Do you have a dream that hasn’t been conquered? If so, what is the dream and why haven’t your pursued it?

2. Is anyone here fascinated by serial killers as much as me? Do you look at your creepy neighbor and think, what if? (I have a creepy neighbor. He finally stepped out of his house after 5 years. Creepy? Strange? Weird?)

Thanks for reading!!


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