Views On The Trail

Hello Everyone. In the spirit of keeping with the schedule, it is… Trail Tuesday!! But first I want to write about my previous Sunday. On this day I did not post because I was too busy watching movies and eating bad food. It was a good day, except that a long, yellow bar scratched the top of my foot and it hurt. Then, I stubbed my toe. It bled. Aside from those, almost terrible disasters, it was a relaxing day. I also want to take this post and talk about the things I see while running. It’s pretty amazing the things that pass before us while stepping outside.

My Fun Day Sun Day Fun    (you like what I did there?) 🙂

My husband and I went to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Isn’t it opening weekend? I could count the bodies in the theater. Nonetheless, it was a good movie. Filled with action, gore, blood, rolling heads, black eyes, nasty teeth, and plenty of silver. I only have one recommendation. Do not read the book and then see the movie. You will be angry, like I was. During the first 30 minutes I had to console my angry mind. It was angry because the movie barely followed the book. After I gave up trying to console my furious, outraged mind, I watched the movie for what it was. If you have watched the movie, go ahead and read the book. When your reading, you can confidently know that the book is much better and you will be much more entertained and your brain will thank you for filling it with more knowledge than the movie will ever give. (I think that’s the longest sentence I ever wrote). They leave so much out in the movie. It’s like watching the last two Harry Potter movies after reading the books. You’ll sit through the entire movie thinking ‘why did they not show the giants or the centaurs or the elves!!’. That’s what I did. You get over it and eventually, by the end of the movie, you will accept its flaws and feel somewhat satisfied for watching a pretty good movie.

Another movie I watched was ‘John Carter’. Not bad, Disney, not bad. This movie is a bit old, I know. I like it. The idea was very creative. Even though John Carter was thrown into a world beyond his own and million light years away, he adjusted pretty well. I for one, may not have done the same. Good for you, John.

This concludes my Fun Day Sun Day post. Now on to the trail!!

Trail Tuesday!!

Remember last week when I told you how I signed up for a marathon? Well, I haven’t given up yet. I have been training. Wednesday I ran, but at the moment, I can’t remember too much of it. This lack of memory brought to you by: Old Age – Don’t Let It Happen To You!

Thursday I rested. Friday I drove to a nearby trail. I was supposed to run 5 miles. That did not happen.

Reason 1 – The trail wasn’t long enough. I ran to the end which became a parking lot. I did turn around and started running back. This did not work out as well as I had hoped.

Reason 2 – The run to the parking lot was downhill. It must have been a steeper grade than I thought because running back up, for me, was nearly impossible.

Reason 3 – It was fucking hot!!

Reason 4 – Bugs decided to attack me for almost a mile. I belive they saw me going down the hill. Knowing I had to come back, they organized an aerial assault. I was highly annoyed and suffered 6 wounds that are still effecting me today.

Reason 5 – It was fucking hot!!

The overall run of 3 miles was good enough. I walked up all the monstrous hills and sweated buckets. Therefore, this equals 5 miles. 🙂 While I was running I saw some glorious views. The scenery along the trails are breathtaking. If you are lucky enough, you will get to see the wildlife. I encountered 2 deer. One was about 50 yards away. While the other was meer inches from me. I am running along and I see them; two deer along the trail. A woman, with her dog, are stopped. They are staring at the deer. I have never known too many deer to approach humans, but one of the two deer was not afraid. He locked eyes with me and started walking towards me. I slowed to a walk and kept looking at him. I passed him. He kept his eyes on me and kept moving forward. At this time, I could have touched this deer. Of course, I did not. He passed to the other side of the trail and hid in the bushes. That, my friends, was pretty freakin awesome.

On Saturday, I joined a running group. It was a little unorganized, but it was a good run. I followed the group around this park. The trail eventually circles a lake. Which, by the way, is completely disgusting and stinks in one certain area. The views are nice, though. The trail also goes by the Columbine Memorial. I have never seen it before. It is something I really can’t describe. I am actually having a hard time typing what I want to say, so on with this run!! I was with the group for most of the run, but I ended up getting disconnected somehow. After I ran back the way I came; back to my car, I met with a few people – strangers. If anyone knows me, I am not really good at talking to people I don’t know. I eventually did, after 30 minutes. I found out the reason I was separated. Remember how I told you the group was unorganized? I was supposed to lap the nasty lake twice, not once. Whoops. If I were told this before, or perhaps given a map, I would have known. Oh well. It was an experience. I met new people, engaged in something I haven’t done since high school and the military, and saw a landmark I have never seen. It was a good Saturday. I will definitely run with them again next Saturday.

On Sunday… I was lazy. I saw some movies. See above.

On Monday, I ran 9.3 miles. I woke up extra early to beat this unforgiving heat and took to the road. I discovered a nice paved trail and saw a fox. We looked at each other. The fox was gorgeous. That’s it. Really the run part is pretty boring. Me with my thoughts, my sporadic thoughts. *yawn*.

Today, I went to the gym. I ran a 5k on the treadmill, lifted some weights, and swam some laps. There wasn’t really anything I saw abnormal there. Just some people who work out too much, in my opinion. Also, they tan too much. I tan, but I don’t look like a tanned cow hide. Gross.

So overall, this training is going pretty well. I feel good about it. Next Sunday or Monday, I will run 11 miles. I will have to wake up even earlier, but that’s okay. I’ve never ran while watching a sunrise. It could be beautiful.

Thanks for reading!

Have you ever seen something awesome while running, walking, hiking or bike riding? Tell me your story!


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