Getting to Know Yourself

Well, it’s back to the grind. I’m a junior now, in college. I decided to get my bachelors in psychology and I am really not sure what to do with it. This thought used to plague me, but after my class I found I am not alone. This is neither her nor there. Today I want to teach you something.

During my sophomore year, I took a personality class. We looked at all the different types of personality tests. There are plenty to choose from. You can take the Myers-Briggs, the Big Five, along with a multitude of others. Personality test can be fun and informative. However, they can be biased. Take for instance, a random test found on the internet. You don’t know who wrote it or where their answers are coming from. Another mishap to personality test are the takers themselves. Yes. You, the taker of the test, are flawed, biased, construed. “Well that’s not very nice”. Well, it’s true. Lets say a question asks what you think about yourself. Here are the answers: Nice; Forgiving; Thoughtful; Creative. Hmm… Most people would like to answer all four. I’d like to think I am all these things. But alas! I can only be one. Now you are thinking. And if you are to assess yourself honestly, thought is your enemy. Almost all personality test are built this way. They are very general. In fact, you may answer the questions differently depending on what time of day it is, the mood you’re in, and if you’re at work or not. Interesting, isn’t it? So how do you get around to finding your true self? My answer? Get someone close to you such as a best friend, who isn’t afraid to be honest, and have them take the test for you. Don’t worry this isn’t cheating. I bet the assessment comes back to you knowing more about yourself than previously and isn’t that the objective? Now, of course you will not be able to do this for your next big job. That test you’ll just have to answer to your best ability. Test such as these are general, but are based off studies. My overall assessment of personality tests are that many test are not reliable or valid. In order for a test to become both, it would need to cover all aspects of the human psyche. It should be as complex as the average human. That’s a tough safe to break. However, don’t let that stop you from trying to find out all you can about yourself.

Speaking of which… Last night, the class of 25, were given a personality test. This test was based on colors. After each student finished, the instructor then divided the class by their color. That was truly interesting. 70% of the class stood in one corner. 15% in another, 10% in another, and a meer 5% in another. I was in the lonely 5%.

This test is actually really cool because it tells you what others think of you. I found the test online, but i don’t want to post the link. It seems spammish of me. You can feel free to do this on your own.

My colors, (yep I had two – the score, 16 and 17 – I choose the 17 which landed me in the lonely 5%), were green (5%) and gold. Here is my assessment:

I’ll write my characteristics, how I see myself, and then how others see me.

Green Characteristics

  • Problem Solver
  • “Why” mentality
  • Very Complex
  • Standard Setter
  • Cool, Calm, Collected
  • Intellectual
  • Work is Play and Play is Work
  • Need for Independence and Private Time
  • Driven by Competence
  • Perfectionist
  • Analytical
  • Approaches Interpersonal Relationships in a Logical Manner

Greens May See Self

  • Knowledgeable
  • 98% right
  • Expedient
  • Visionary
  • Innovative
  • Rational
  • Independent
  • Deep Thinkers
  • Able to Find Flaws
  • Witty
  • Assume Things Will Be Done Well

Others May See Greens As

  • Intellectual Snobs
  • Arrogant
  • Heartless
  • Unrealistic
  • Eccentric, Weird
  • Unfeeling
  • Anti Social
  • Cool, Aloof
  • Sarcastic
  • Critical
  • Lacking Mercy
  • Unappreciative

There are about 5 more columns that are interesting, but I lack the attention to post them. I’ve never taken a test that tells me how others may see me. In reality I’ve been called almost all those things. If I haven’t been called them to my face, I know it’s behind closed doors. It’s fair enough because I knew them to be true. Now the gold is a borderline mirror of green. So I find this test to be general, but pretty valid.

So these are my thoughts on personality tests. I hope you learned a little. Maybe you will go to your favorite search engine and find your own personality test. It’s always fun to learn more about yourself. Just think critically when taking a test. I will leave you with this video. Scary? Innovative? Would you buy it if mass-produced? This is the ultimate personality test given all day. Enjoy. She’s a little boring at first. I recently took a public speaking class, so all I could do was analyze her.

Brain Scanner Video



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