The Filter

I know…. It’s in the afternoon and I am just now blogging. Well, I am a busy lady. That is my excuse. ūüėČ

Today I want to talk about comments. Remember when you were little and comments were not filtered by your brain? They just came pouring out of you unsuspecting mouth. By the time the words reached your ears, it was too late. Your parents looked¬†at you cross and then came the punishment. That’s when the filter started to grow. It’s a slow process, but it grew to its full potential. Now, your filter can manage your comments. The drawback is that sometimes, no matter how much you will it, the filter fails. Well, not everything is perfect. Now, your filter is in high demand. Not only must it manage the comments from your brain to your mouth, it must now manage comments made on every social media site known. That can be a very hard job. I have recently came across a person whose filter has broken. Comments made on a certain social media site are made to others in a hateful fashion. This person, when given the chance, may end up ranting about even the slightest details. Should they do this? Well, it is their right. Just as it is my right to write about it. Is there a line someone can cross? Sure. Every time. Can someone let their comments become overwhelming and not mean to do so? Comments can sometimes suffocate a room and put many people off guard.¬†Perhaps it is their intentions. Maybe they enjoy a good argument, no matter the topic? I do not have the appropriate answers. I can only speculate. However, I do know how comments made on social media sites can be taken out of context. How are we¬†really to know the true intent of the comment maker. We cannot see their face, nor hear their voice. We cannot listen for infliction, hand gestures,¬†and therefore cannot draw conclusions to the true meaning of every word. Even with that said, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the tone being used.

So should we filter our words when no one can see your face? It seems much easier to “speak” our mind when there is no one to “listen”, doesn’t it?¬†Sure. If I wrote, ‘I hate cheeseburgers!’, there wouldn’t be any confusion. I truly hate cheeseburgers. Please note: I LOVE CHEESEBURGERS! Just to clear up any confusion.¬†It’s easy to talk down to someone when the aren’t in front of you. We can call people whatever we want. The only thing to fear is being blocked or flagged. Your face can stay in tact and no bones will be broken. Of course that doesn’t mean that the commenter hasn’t scarred someones emotional being. This is where the filter wasn’t working. Not only did the commenter make everyone feel uncomfortable, they singled out one or two people and “verbally” bashed them without regard. Like a child, who has a better grasp on the English language, they let the words flow. The words just kept coming and you wondered if their filter was so broken that they now needed a diaper. Maybe we could just catch the words and the diaper could soak up the mess before anyone’s feelings were hurt. Alas, this has not yet been invented. We must all deal with this horrible predicament.

On the flip side, where would we be without our overloaded filter? Some things need to be said no matter whose feelings¬†will be crushed. We can’t please everyone. Perhaps the filter knows this. It isn’t really broken, it just moves aside and lets the words fall freely. If the effected cannot deal with the aftermath, than¬†so be it. I can agree with this to a degree. I have had my share of moments. Times when even my husband looked at me in disbelief. “Did she just tell our waiter off?”. Yes, yes I did. Let it be know that when you are at the receiving¬†end of a heightened¬†conversation with me that involves a “broken filter”, you deserved it. These times are justified to me. I am quite sure the recipient wasn’t too pleased and I am quite sure that I hurt someone’s feelings more than once. I felt somewhat bad afterward, but felt the need to justify the means. Anyone who pisses me off deserves a word beat down. However, I also feel that if you are to start a MMA¬†fight with words, you can do it with a bit of class and education. Yes,¬†class, education, and MMA are in the same sentence.¬†I will never cuss at someone. It only makes me look like an idiot. It downgrades the situation. If you simply deserve a single statement, such as “Fuck Off”, then so be it. If the situation has turned into two-word phrases, then class and education have left the building. However, if I feel strongly about something, I will keep class and education around for the duration. These type of unfiltered conversations must happen. They must happen in court rooms, office meetings, political debates, lectures, etc. The conversations even happen inside social media sites where the air is usually fun, but can often become cloudy.These types of conversations can help progress. The progress of the world has not been accomplished with technology, it has been accomplished by filtered and non-filtered conversations.

Let the world be filled with plenty of words. Words that fall freely from brain to mouth without a filter. Words that start without the filter, but are then processed with a filter that’s ready to¬†manage words that progress a conversation with class and education. If you are going to start trouble, be ready to deal with the consequences. Man your words with the appropriate weapons and have the confidence in your conviction to have made progress by the end of your justified, (or not), speech.¬† Be ready for that cross look from family, friends, and peers, and then defend it to the death. For these are the words that fell out of your mouth, onto paper, or typed for the world to see; filtered or unfiltered. It makes no difference to anybody else.

An used Coffee filter
A used Coffee filter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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