DRINK WATER!! (please)

Please, drink water (again!)
Please, drink water (again!) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s Trail Tuesday!!

I have been running so much that my shins are starting to hurt. So this past week I took 2 days off to repair the damage. I also took a second job so I could buy new shoes. That is the real reason to my problem – over pronation. Essentially, my feet do not land as they should. While this may slow my running to a minimum, until the new shoe problem is fixed, I have another problem; the heat. I know that everyone one in the world is experiencing abnormal heat and we all need to complain about the rising temperatures, but I really need to complain. Ok? Good.

I do not like to wake up early. 5 am is not an ideal time to wake. I like to wake around 6 or 7. Please, spare the judgements. It’s only an hour or two difference, but it matters. However, 5 am is the only time I can run for an hour or two and not become severely dehydrated. Trust me when I say, I drink plenty of water. Sometimes I go to the bathroom and wonder if I really did anything. Now you know because I knew you were dying to. But as the deadline for 26 miles nears, I need to up my mileage every week. That means I have to stay outside longer. Even at 9 am, I feel like I’m being microwaved. So even though I hate waking up at an unnatural time, I will for the sake of my health. I’m sure you might be asking, Cindi, Why don’t you run at night? Many excuses. 1 – too many bugs; 2 – I’m much too lazy; 3 – I don’t want to. Did I mention the bugs?

I have some ways to beat the heat and I also found a great article with tips.

My Way

1 – Always carry water.

I have this rule: If I am going to run for longer than an hour, I carry water or Gatorade and fuel. My fuel of choice is almonds, dark chocolate, (when it’s below 60 degrees), and Jelly Belly’s Quick Energy Jelly Beans. Yum. If I am running a race, I carry all 3. Otherwise, it depends on my mood and the temperature. In the heat, I would carry water for anything over 30 minutes. I know that sounds like a pain, but think of the reasons why. Your out running and the temp is over 80 degrees. I don’t know about you, but I sweat more when it’s hot and I’m moving. The more you sweat the more water you are losing, which means you need to put that water back. I don’t like it either, but I think it’s a good idea.

2 – Plan your routes

I did this on my last long run. I planned a route that I knew had water stations for bicyclist. I carry Gatorade on long runs. However, my drawback is I only have one water bottle. Idealy, I need two or four. Two 8 ounce water bottles and two 8 ounce electrolyte bottles. These belts can be expensive. They run about 50$ or more. I do not have that kind of money. So I plan routes with water stops. On this glorious Sunday, I am prepared for my 11 mile run. I wake up an extra hour late. I drive to a nice flat spot at the beginning of my planned route. I start running the way my instincts tell me and I decide I am wrong and run in the other direction. This is the wrong way. I realize it is wrong at about the second mile. I then decide that instead of turning around, again, I will see where this trail leads. The trail had some slight hills and NO water stations. There were plenty of porta-potties, but no water. By mile 6, the stinky river was looking mighty tempting. I did not drink that water, just to be clear. The Gatorade wasn’t cutting it, for me. I like water. On mile 9, during my return to the car, I see it because now I am searching for a water fountain some where. I have to go up some stairs and wait in line. Well, that did it for me. The sun took most of my energy and my electrolytes were not helping. The stairs interrupted my flow of running and having to stop to wait in line did not help. This was the end of my run. 😦 If you have a plan, make sure you know directions. As for me, I always lost. If you don’t like plans, bring water and enjoy peeing in public.

These are my tips. I don’t have many because I am under the assumption that every one on this planet has a small dose of common sense. I’m sure I am wrong. If you are hot, drink water. If you feel dizzy, stop what you are doing and find a shady spot to cool off and drink water. If your body is getting chills on 90 + degree days, stop what you are doing and drink water, in the shade. Most of all, know your body and know the signs of dehydration. Your body will let you know. We just have to listen.

Now that I’ve had my say, here is Active.com with theirs. It is a really good article. It has more tips than me and just a slight bit nicer. Enjoy and stay cool.

Best Long Run Hydration Habits | Active.com.


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