Keep Fido In A Dark Room


Today I thought of how this is my first Fourth of July in ten years without my dog, Sam. This made me sad. Who will hide in the closet when the fireworks start? Well Sam, here is a day for you. I know it’s a day you hated, but loved because of all the people you met. I know that in doggy heaven fireworks are banned. Thank goodness.

Happy Fourth of July!

Remember dogs are scarred of fireworks. Put them in a dark room with the radio on. Their lower state of anxiety will be your gift.


2 thoughts on “Keep Fido In A Dark Room

    1. Thanks. He was 90 pounds and would hide in a closet that was too small, on top of all the shoes. Anyplace he felt safe. I like the names of your dogs. It’s funny that the one is ready to throw down.


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