I’m Going to Rocky Balboa Those Hills!!

So I am trying this new thing where I blog before work. It’s not working out too well because I cannot be very creative under pressure. Research papers I can write at the last-minute, but a post about something… that’s entirely different. I have promised a post everyday and as you can see, that has not happened. I missed Saturday and Sunday. Life has thrown me two new ventures. A dog training gig and a babysitting gig which is more like school with the two smartest 18 month old twins I have ever encountered. Needless to say, this has kept me very busy. Plus trying to train for a marathon AND going to school AND working at my primary job where even they have demanded MORE of my time!! I feel better now. Today is Trail Tuesday and I cannot think of one thing to tell you. Oh wait!!

This is the run I completed on Wednesday, the 4th. It is a little over 7 miles. Check out the elevation climbs! This is going to be my workout of the week, every Wednesday. On this run, I had to stop 3 times. 1 because of a rock in my shoe. Very aggravating. The second stop was on my first hill climb near the very top and the third was shortly after before the peak of another incline. The rest I ran without stopping. Each week I hope to stop less and run these hills without too much speed decrease. Let’s hope I make it! I have to work now. Thanks for reading! I will rock this marathon because elevation is for sissys!! 😉



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