Because I am having a difficult time getting pictures to be placed where I want them, I will succumb to WordPress’s demands and post all of them at once. They will be in order according to how the post is organized. Have a wonderful time browsing the photos. Thanks so much.


My, my, my. I think I have finally recovered. This post, as promised, is about my awesome weekend. It will be divided into parts.


Of course I had to work, but that didn’t stop me from spending 300$ at Boulder Running Company. ūüôā

I was in desperate need of new running shoes. I also decided to get a pair of shoes just to walk around in – I call them my kicks. I also decided to get a new hydration belt. It holds 16 oz. of liquid. 8 for water and 8 for electrolytes. I have been training for the marathon in October and my miles are up to 30 a week. I’m getting there. I also had to get a pair¬†of stabilizing¬†inserts because my feet pronate¬†to the extreme. Pronating¬†is where your ankles turn either in or out. I think if your ankles turn outward, it is called something else. Mine turn in and my old shoes were not supporting like they used to and caused me to develop an injury. ūüė¶ I am very frustrated about this because I have remained injury free for years. I guess it was bound to happen someday. What was so great about this shopping spree was the amazing deal at the store. It was almost too crowded for my taste – I’m not the best people person when annoyed,¬†but I managed. I saved 65$ and was ecstatic. I later ate at a restaurant and then tortured myself on the treadmill for 7 miles.


On this day, the day of running rest, I went shopping again. No people, I am not rich. I just have two jobs and go to school. I started my day at the salon. My hair was in desperate need of special attention. I am not nice to my hair; at all. I put my strands in a ponytail Рalways, I never blow-dry, and I seldom re-brush my hair during the day. I also try to swim once a week. Ahh the torture. I want to send many thanks to the fabulous stylist who help me transform my hair. I asked for an inch of trim. I assumed this would be enough to make my hair look decent. I was wrong. Here is my hair after the cut, on the right in the slide show. Trust me when I say this Рthere was no significant change.

What is the glorious treatment that transformed my hair? Malibu. That’s the name of the product. It is vegan. So the product itself only contains natural ingredients. At the salon they put in the treatment and you sit under a dryer for 30 minutes. It tingles¬†a little. That’s the vitamin C. Then after the sit, it is washed out and a protein¬†product is washed through and WALA! – New Hair! It is so soft, shiny, and feels incredible. Not just soft, but it feels natural. I liked it so much that I took home the shampoo, conditioner, and three treatment packs to be used once a week. Here is their website.¬†Check it out and then go to your salon and ask for the treatment. It’s worth every penny. 15$ at Fantastic Sams. This price is sure to be different at all stores. Check before so you can bring enough money.

After my new hair experience, which I wore down the rest of the day, I went to the book store. Before this, I went to the library, but my card wouldn’t work there. That’s okay. The books I wanted I would much rather have for life, anyways. My paper, due tomorrow, is about a serial killer. This is where you say: Of course it is.I have to analyze a famous persons personality. To me, all serial killers are famous. Unfortunately, I suppose,¬†when I mention Henry Lee Lucas or Ivan Milant, people turn their¬†heads in question. So… I am going to write a paper about Ted Bundy. I know, I know… It is to¬†clich√© to me, but he is famous. Plus, the new book I bought, Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters by: Peter Vronsky, gives a detailed analysis on Ted. This book will be my reference source, plus whatever news articles and other media I can find on the internet. I have not started this paper yet. It is due tomorrow. This is where you say, again: Of course it is.I wanted to write my paper on Sunday after my run, but Fun Day Sun Day called. More on that in a moment. Or if you’re too impatient, scroll down and check it out. I bought a book for fun too!

My Saturday continued at Target and I went clothes shopping. I didn’t do too bad. This is where you might say something biased like; Of course you didn’t, you’re a girl.Contrary to many stereotypes, I am a horrible shopper. I cannot choose outfits that match, clothes to fit my body style or clothes that even make sense. I am truly bad. I usually like to take my husband. He has an eye for tasteful articles of clothing. On this particular Saturday, he was at work. I was left alone and defenseless. However, I managed and I survived. After Target, I went home and baked. It was delicious. It is gone. It was banana¬†bread. I then made dinner; meatloaf, green beans and seasoned potatoes. That is gone too. I am not sure why I feel compelled to share all the details of my weekend, I just feel that all aspects were fabulous.

on to… Sunday!

I ran Sunday – 8 miles. I was supposed to run 12, but something more important came up. As I was running, I texted my husband and told him I was going to finish my miles at the park instead of running back home. I was needing him to pick me up after my run. He texted back that he was going four¬†wheeling and wanted to know if I’d like to go. Ummm…. let me think.¬†Suffer¬†in the heat for another 4 miles OR go to the mountains. I had been¬†planning¬†a small retreat anyways. I was really thinking of running away, but that is a whole different post. I took the latter choice.

My husband has a 84 Toyota. You might remember when those were super cool. Back to the Future debuted the beauty in the second movie. It was black. Here is his in the slide show.

He made those doors. If you are a true enthusiast, you can see something¬†else that is different about this truck. It may appear shorter. That’s because he chopped the back¬†for clearance over rocks. I am not sure the exact inches chopped, but you can see the chop and weld marks after the back tire, just in front of the tail light. He is really talented at fabricating. However, this truck is not nearly where he would like it to be. I will save that for another post. Here is a slide show now there is just one of our awesome Fun Day Sun Day! I can’t wait to go again!

Here is another slideshow you get the picture that features the scenery and some spectacular old buildings, a mine, and an air pump that puts air into the mine shaft. Apparently, these types of things are lingering all around Colorado’s landscape. It think it is really cool.

I also ate too much at Steak n’ Shake and drank a bottle of wine later. Perhaps that is the true reason for my need to recover for a full day. Have a Happy Tuesday!

Did you do anything awesome this past weekend?

What are your plans this coming weekend?

Thanks for reading!

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