Yes, As A Matter of Fact, I Will Cry Some More.

English: Sports injury warning sign. Funny tho...
English: Sports injury warning sign. Funny though, since all sports have risk of injury’s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Trail Tuesday!!!
Today I’d like to cry a little longer about my injury. I’m sure many of you are unaware of this, but anyone and everyone on Facebook knows my woes.
3 weeks ago, I strained a muscle in my quadriceps. The pain continued and I feared the worse. I went to a physical therapist recently and she gave me the news. No running for two weeks. Well kill me now.

I strained my IT Band and it would take more than two weeks to heal. Right now you’re thinking, “that’s contradicting.” It is. She told me that I could rest my leg for almost a month or try a different type of therapy called ‘dry needling’.

Hmmm…. Needles?? Not really my thing. I did it anyways.

So here it goes. It hurt. I have a tattoo on my neck, next to my ear. That hurt. This is much worse. After you have read this, more needles passed deep into my muscles.

Well, well… I’ve been writing this blog post all day, (from my new windows phone, no less), and I did not recieve any needle treatments. Woohoo!!!

So back to the story.

I have not had an injury in my 3 years of running. I’ve always managed to properly recover. However, I upped my miles and started putting extra strain on my body. I just think this whole thing sucks.

To properly recover and keep myself from straining my muscles again, I have to implement more exercises into my routine. Like I have time for that. Unfortunately, I have to make time. Lots of it. I may start whining again. If I want to run this race in October, I’ll suck it up like a big girl with big girl panties and do what I need to do. But no one said I couldn’t cry about it a little. 😉

If you have suffered a major injuries due to running or any other sport, leave a comment. I’d love to hear your story.
Thanks for reading!


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