My Other Job

So I wanted to blog yesterday, but watching a movie, Hunger Games, seemed more fun. So here I am on Sunday with a billion things to tell the world. It has been a looonnnggg time since I blogged on the weekend. I am always so overwhelmed with research papers and other nonsense, that I cannot focus on blogging. What makes this weekend different? No homework! I know. Pretty cool. This miraculous phenomenon has opened the doors to being creative. I love to bake, make, and create. So this weekend, I did all those things and more.

Here it goes…. Day 1 – Saturday

I spent most the day shopping, but in the morning, I wrote. I often write for a publishing company – The Story Mint. This company, who I also tweet for, host serials. I have written in 4 serials so far. I am getting better – so I thought. This was my attitude after I wrote the chapter and put the 500 words through the writing assessment tool called Earnest. This tool analysis your writing and compares it to other published, famous authors, If your writing is like one of the authors, (plenty to choose from), it places your work on the grid. If your writing does not compare, it places your work off the grid. The writers goal is to be on the grid. If you write thrillers, you want to constantly place your writing in the same spot, this way you know writing is consistent. This was the case for me plenty of times. So when I wrote this chapter, I didn’t think my placement would be a problem. Ahhh assumptions. What do we know about assumptions? Well, I didn’t make an ass out of myself, but I did put myself in a position to become disappointed. After 7 attempts to place on the grid, frustration hit me. I turned in my piece to the editor. A day later, he told me exactly what I did. He also told me the piece was great, it just needed sentence formatting. He even said it took him many times to get the work on the grid. I felt good. I am getting better. I also should not assume I will always write consistently. I am learning. If you want to check out the chapter and many other great pieces of work, check out The Story Mint. It free to read.

So after a few hours of writing and editing, I went on a mission. I like to train dogs when I can. I used to train dogs at a humane society in Florida for a year. When I moved to Colorado, I found a few people who needed dog training and put my skills to work on 4 dogs so far. While this happened, I started making dog cookies with hopes of selling to dog stores. It didn’t really work out, but I didn’t try too hard. Mainly the job is labor intensive and I would need an adequate kitchen. One stove doesn’t cut it. Any who… With every dog training, the dog gets my homemade cookies and a plaque stating their completion. I photographed my latest rewards yesterday. Here are the results.

What goes into the bowl. Mmm…

Inside the bag is rice flour. Normal flour is easier to work with, but many dogs can’t process the wheat. It’s very basic stuff. Dogs love it. Not too much honey! 🙂 I have researched the crap out of what dogs can eat and what can’t be processed. So if you make your own dog cookies, please make sure Fido can have it.

That’s a big clump of dough!

The dough is extremely sticky at first. I just flour my hands like a gymnast and it’s manageable.

Is that processed flour?

So yes it is processed flour cleverly labeled “fluffy stuff”. (I have a label maker) I use this type of flour to roll the dough. The rice flour was gone. You actually don’t need much flour if you use parchment paper.

Warm up that oven while you roll the dough.

200 degrees?? Yep. For 3 hours. See what I mean about needing a kitchen that can handle the amount of cookies needed to run an appropriate business? Time and patience. Now to the fun part.

Almost there!!

I have waayy too many dog cookie cutters. Here are the ones I chose and the glass container I will put the cookies in.

I have plenty of cookie cutters.

That’s a fire hydrant in front of the glass bowl. Now let’s cut!

Dogs just love them.

3 hours later you will have hard cookies. I made 2 trays. I decorated the jar while I waited. I also did some other things. I will blog about those later, in a post called Day 1 Continued.

Just some things that I picked up from Hobby Lobby.


I also made this.

I drew it myself.
The final product.

Here you go doggy next door. I hope you love it. You deserve every delicious peanut butter morsel!

This is what I did for the second half of the day. I want to tell you mor of the things that made up my weekend, but this post is getting too long. Thanks for reading!


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