Happy Birthday – Part Duece

So today I made Tim a cake. As we know, I like to bake things. I did make the Fourth of July cake that many people thought was amazing. Today I made an even better cake. My husband is a huge fan of mint Butterfinger blizzards. So I thought, why not make it into cake. Not an ice cream cake, but a regular cake. So my faithful followers and people who like to search for cake stuff on the internet, my version of the mint Butterfinger cake. I found a mint Oreo recipe online. I’m not a fan of Oreos. So I substituted.

Step 1 – The Ingredients

Cake mix and all the things that are needed to make the cake. Eggs, oil, water.

Powdered Sugar

Cream Cheese



Mint Extract

Green Food Coloring

No Pink Sprinkles 😉

Step 2 – The Fluffy Stuff

Break out the cake box and start mixing!! Read those directions – I know you will. 😉

Step 3 – The Frosting

1 16 oz. bag of powdered sugar

3 tsp. of mint extract

2 tsp. of vanilla

1/2 cup of butter

6 oz. of cream cheese

about 5 -7 drops of green food coloring – the original recipe does not call for food coloring, but the brain will not truly believe the frosting is mint until it is green. If you eat with your eyes, you know what I mean.

Mix everything but the sugar at first. As you are mixing, add the sugar slowly.

After that, put it in the refrigerator.

While all this is going on, the cakes should be cooking and then cooling completely.

Step 3 – The Goods

I bought 2 King Size Butterfingers and crushed them with a knife.

Step 4 – Putting It Together

So now the fun begins. I get an overside plate and place the first layer of cake in the middle, spread it with the frosting, and then spread the crushed cookies.

I placed the crushed candy around the cake for decoration. Notice how my cake is off centered? I moved it later.

Get the second layer and start spreading the frosting. Then place the cookies in any fashion you would like, and then you are done! Place finished product in the fridge. (I’m from Missouri. That’s what we call it. The place where we put cold stuff.)

Just 2 more pictures – maybe. 🙂

It’s all done!!!

So here is another cake by me in the archives. Happy Birthday Tim. You are worth 1,000 of these cakes.


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