Views On The Trail – Part 2

I didn’t really think I would ever have a part 2. I’ve been running and running, (well not lately), and I hardly ever see anything worth writing about. Until today, (well yesterday). I went on my first 2 mile run in 3 weeks and halfway to the 1/2 mile marker, I see 3 bull elk. Magnificent. I, of course, did not have a camera, so the elk and I parted; un-photographed, until today, (seriously just an hour before I wrote this). Here are plenty of photos. I couldn’t get too close and I only had my camera phone, (not sure why I didn’t get the Cannon). Enjoy. Happy Trail Tuesday!

Here is Part 1 of Views On The Trails

Note: These elk are just a block away from the house – really, much closer. Simply amazing. This isn’t the first year I have seen elk nearby. It is the first for three bull elk.


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