Bla, Bla, Bla. MONKEYS! Bla, Bla, Bla.


English: A child not paying attention in class.
English: A child not paying attention in class. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Your extended weekend is here. What are you going to do? That sounds nice. I am going to contemplate my brain. Yep, there are people who still do that. Why, you ask? Oh look squirrels!!  That’s why. I am now asking… WTF is wrong with me? I am losing focus at an alarming rate. I can’t even focus on this post. So sad. I’ll be back…..Um… ok. I was listening to Kid Rock and Joe C. came on and I had to text my husband the opening line. Do you see what I mean? It very distracting.

Many of you may know that I am in school. I have to write a paper every week. I am usually very good at this type of thing. I like to wait until the last-minute, but I can knock out a 1,ooo word or more paper in a couple of hours, including research and make an A. This is now not the case. I did write a paper last week, but the week before and this week, the writing process has been stumped by, oh look! Shiny stuff!!  I say this to seem funny, but in reality, it is truly effecting me. My G.P.A will drop, and I’ll just start freaking out. I think I can learn how to manage my increasing ADHD, but I may need the help of a professional. Lets hope they don’t prescribe drugs because that is the last thing I want. I got off the Prozac a long time ago. I’m not trying to go down the ‘mind altering road’ for the rest of my life. My brain has had enough.

Which leads me to this question.. Is that why I am experiencing ADHD? Did the coke, ecstasy, and countless joints ruin my functionality? It has been over 10 years since my last drug induced coma, so I actually doubt it, but it did raise an eyebrow. So here are my questions for your Saturday or whatever day you stroll by.

1. In Focus
1. In Focus (Photo credit: Pixies and Pixels)

Do you have ADHD?

How do you manage?

Any advice?


Let it out... we are all listening.

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