I’ll Just Do It Tomorrow

There are many phrases that give people excuses as to why they couldn’t finish projects, write that paper, commit to the exercise class, or call a loved one.

Time. I ran out. Here’s the truth. I let time control me. This sentence can be read and interpreted in many ways. Read it how you will. I let time dictate me. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage my time. I could have been more proactive in my daily schedule, but I chose to let time slip by and after the hours slithered away, I went back to bed. I told myself I would try again tomorrow. That day became yesterday and the projects, the papers, the classes, and my life became stacked piles of unfinished work. It’s not appealing. I even loathe the fact that I could let myself become so involved with absolutely nothing. However, as my husband would say, it is in the past – you must look at what is in front of you.

Ok, I will. In front of me is a pile of junk to deal with. I shall handle it slowly; one problem, then the next.

To be continued….


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