The Path Before Us

Lately, I have been very confused as to where my life is going. I’m 32 and I wonder if the choices I have made are correct. In terms of this thought, are my career choices. As of now, I am in school. This is fine. I like school and feel comfortable with the chosen degree. However, my heart longs for something more. This longing has led me to the following block of writing. My life has been one major obstacle course. This is true of everyone I meet. Which leads me to the second block of writing. The path does not conclude, and neither does this post. It is a little unorganized, is filled with many questions, and lacks closure. This is life. The end comes at some point, but for some it is too dark to see.

If only I could see the path chosen. Everything is so dark and foggy. It’s when I feel that the path begins to smooth, I find a rock or tree branch and fall. It wouldn’t be such a big deal, but the fall is so detrimental that the path becomes lost. When I get up, I have to reposition my feet, get my bearings, and find my way. Only now, the path is filled with more obstacles and is darker than before.
It is now, that I realize that each fall must be dealt with. After the fall, I can move forward; leaving the rocks and tree branches where they lay. But a thought occurs to me and I question, though the fog is thick and there is no light, if I should clear the path for the next wanderer. Should I make something easier for the next person even though I struggled? Will I find that others would do the same for me? Do others realize that many people follow on the same path? Or is it only a few that come to these thoughts and clear what they can in the dark? Do they only clear parts of the path when it is most convenient? Is this why the path is clear at some points and not at others? If the path becomes completely clear, how will others know to pick themselves up after a fall and learn to deal with struggles? This may be the future of the path. These questions could be analyzed, but will surely never be answered. For we are all here for one person; ourselves. If we help others, it may be only to help ourselves, thus leaving the path in shambles.

The path is dark so that no person will know what lies ahead.

The only picture in my collection that was dark and cloudy. The sun is setting behind the hills, giving the illusion of fire.

Let it out... we are all listening.

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