Veiws On The Trail Part 4

Happy Trail Tuesday! I know it’s late, but don’t judge me, I was busy. Here are some more views seen on the trail. I love the scenery here.


How many deer do you see?

I also saw something that I was not able to photograph. While walking back to the house, I look up the side of the ‘Colorado Hill” and saw a person climbing the side of the hill. This is normal. Then I saw another person, then another, and another. The were climbing out of a small inclosure – like a cave but not. Some lady was getting dressed and another was using nature as a potty. Lovely. Like I said, not able or willing to photograph that stuff.

For more beautiful scenery click these links.

Part 1   there aren’t any photos in this post, but don’t let that keep you from clicking.

Part 2

Part 3


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