I Just Want to Reiterate…

Here we are again. It happens every year. Billions of dollars are spent for this one day. This day that used to plague me and then depress me, as it does to many others. People gloat in their happiness, and exclaim their love. “Look what he bought me!” My question is.. If he you were with him yesterday and he surely loved you then, why didn’t he just buy it yesterday and give it to you? Why is this one day treated with such high regard with women? If my husband waited once a year to indulge his feelings all over me, I would be upset. Women everywhere, (most), seem to blast this day in their significant others face all year, and when the moment comes and the men somehow fail, the woman’s world shatters. The very thought upsets me. This brings me to my ever-popular rant on this odd day. I would love to go on and on, but the words expressed by me a year ago, say it all. So happy Thursday for all my readers who could give a crap as to what day it is. If he wants to do something for me, he can fold the clothes. I hate that chore.


My Valentine’s Day Opinion




Exclaim (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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