Let Me Do What I Want!

AGGHHH!!!!!  There, that’s better. So I’m a little stressed out. It’s not anything new. This is a very normal thing. Except that I have an unusual amount of stress. I have done nothing to handle it. Why? Because my doctor said I shouldn’t. This is where I stopped typing, searched my thoughts, and pushed back the one of me screaming at her. Look lady… How am I supposed to decompress? Huh? Ride a bike she says. Take up swimming she says. Those are great stress relievers. Perhaps I would, if I had a bike and gym membership. Oh wait… I do. Well I don’t want to do those things!! Now I’m pouting. I want to run! So despite her wishes and sincere advisement, I ran today. It wasn’t a far run. But it was a run and I enjoyed every stinking minute, (16), and I will do it again. Running keeps me from losing my marbles. And let’s face it, I don’t have very many to lose. Last night I was a complete basket case. I seriously thought I had developed Tourette’s. That people, is not cool. So happy freakin’ Wednesday!! My advice is do what you need to do to keep yourself out of prison. I’m going to run. When that doctor tells me no, I’ll just smirk at her.


If I didn’t run, my stress ball wouldn’t be as happy.


stress (Photo credit: bottled_void)



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