The Hallway

  A story I thought of while the dog was walking across the floor. Of course, I put the description in the story. All ideas come from somewhere. Enjoy.



Tip tap tip tap tip tap….


The heels clicked against the floor like a dog in need of a desperate nail trimming.


Tip tap tip tap tip tap….


The sound echoed through the halls and rang loudly in the rooms.


Tip tap tip tap tip tap…


My heart pounded faster and harder with each tap against the dirty tile floors.


Tip tap tip tap tip tap…


The sound stopped. The feeling of doom came over me. My heart sank into the pit of my stomach. The sensation wretched and my nerves sent my senses on high alert.




I saw a shadow. I tried to look toward the window for the position of the sun, but my bed was facing the wrong way.


Tip tap tip tap…


The shadow appeared in a deeper hue of black. I struggled with the restraints. It was useless. The door knob turned slowly. The door cracked and continued to open like a slow motion replay. I felt sick with fear and anxiety. I kept struggling for a way out of the restraints, knowing it was useless, but trying to give myself a glimmer of hope. The door stopped. The shadow moved. A voice came from another room. A horrible, terrifying scream that filled my ears like a wave of rushing water. The door shut.


Tip tap tip tap tip tap….


Hallway defocus
Hallway defocus (Photo credit: .m for matthijs)

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