Living Up to the Name


My mother tells me I always have something to say, the reason my blog achieved its name. While this is true, not everything I say, needs to be repeated. I am often very foul, twisted, and rude. It is part of my sarcastic nature and somewhat rough upbringing, not because of my parents, but because of life. The reason I bring this up is because I tend to think that I am not living up to my blogs crafted name. I mean what in the world would my mother think?


Perhaps we shouldn’t answer that or rather I shouldn’t.



My thoughts drag all day and I always have something to say about the general public, parenting, politics, religion, and basic crap that life throws for a good laugh. Sometimes, though, I think.. Haven’t we all heard enough by the end of the day? My Facebook is littered with cry babies and plenty of foul-mouthed comments or ecards, (which I always find hilarious in case you were wondering), so I try not to be strung into a certain genre. That’s why things here are so diverse.



Anywho… I have plenty of thoughts and trust me when I say – you don’t want to read them all.



Thanks for reading my rant about how I feel I don’t live up to my blogs name. Not that you really actually gave a crap. But isn’t nice to read something different every once in a while?

What do you mean you are not living up to your blog’s name?



Let it out... we are all listening.

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