Repeat That?

I pose the question… Is there anyone out there as busy as me? I feel as if I may be the only one. When I tell people of my endeavors they commend me on such efforts. But I can’t be the only one. Here is a list of things, and if someone out there can give a longer list, I would love to see it. That wasn’t a direct challenge. I just need to know that I am not the only one on the planet. I digressed… On to the list.

First, I am a nanny. Not a huge effort here. I’ve been with the family for four years. Its only a about half the day – four or five hours.

Second, I work at a group home on the weekends. Huge effort there. Only been at it about 6 months and nearly every weekend I want to throw myself down the stairs or fantasize… Nevermind. Ever read one of my blog pieces that seem very demented? Group Home + insane people = inspiration. I put in a 32 hour shift. I come in on Friday and do not leave until Sunday. A good reasons why Fridays now suck.

Third, school. I took a very long break because of a near mental breakdown. I will start back soon – less than a month, to finish my bachelors. This is about 15 hours a week.

Fourth, I am a CASA volunteer. I help kids in “the system”. It is really fun. This is about 8 hours a month.

Fifth, I volunteer at a detox center. Equally as fun as CASA. I am working on my CAC II Possibly III and will need to do 3,000 hours, classes, and three exams. CAC is Certified Addictions Counselor. This will take forever.

And that is all. Not too much, right?


The look I get after I tell people what I do.


Let it out... we are all listening.

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