One Last Time

There are many things I have come to realize while working a weekend job.

1. I took my time for granted. Every Saturday before I started this job, I did errands and chores. On some days, I would lie around and do absolutely nothing. Ok, so this isn’t an atrocity. It is typical of a person that works all week. Usually things get put off until Saturday when you have time and some energy to do them. I have had to manage my time differently with the weekend job. Chores and errands are done in the week and not saved for one specific day. I want to make it a habit to explore more of this beautiful state. I have learned that one day of the week should be saved for friends, family, or just time alone. Since I enjoy ample time alone, I want to pick a destination in the week, and venture out every Saturday.

2. I have learned what I can handle and what I can not. I have learned more about myself in this five months then some people lack to learn in a lifetime. This knowledge will help me grow and really become a better person.

3. The more I hang around people with mental issues, the more I want a dog.

For real, I need a dog.

This is my last weekend of working. Fridays will soon become a day of rejoice and not remorse. Mondays will hopefully remain inspirational and Wednesdays will be freakin awesome.

It is amazing what can be taken for granted, what experiences, pleasant or unpleasant, can teach us, and how life is more precious than all the money in the world. (but I do like money) 🙂

I hope your weekend is fabulous. I will be working, but secretly or not so secretly rejoicing my last swipe of adult poop before a new diaper. My weekend job is disgusting.


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