Something Serious – Self-Care

I want to talk about or rather write about something very serious, self-care. Not sure what that is? Well here is an example.

We are going to name our person George. I like that name for some strange reason. George is an extreme case so this example is driven home. George has 5 kids aging from 5 to 16. He has a full-time job, is going to school, has a wife who also works, and has aging parents in a nursing home. He also has an alcoholic sister who lives close by and is in constant need for attention and help with her addiction. As you can see, George has plenty on his plate. This is an extreme case from my perspective, but for many, this is normal. Where does self-care fit in for George? When you look at his life, it doesn’t. George, as it would seem, has absolutely no time for himself. The only self-care George may get is sleep, food, and a shower. And it’s possible that these things are almost always interrupted. When George has had enough, what does he do? He may go on a date with his wife. That would be a start, but what about alone time? With his life, you may think there is no such thing. George starts to struggle in school, he is constantly late for work, and his productivity is low. He is always tired and completely stressed. If he could just have one hour a day devoted to himself, maybe his stress level would lower. If he doesn’t do something he is going to make bad decisions, his health will start to fail, and his life will start to fall apart.

This is where self-care comes in to play. One hour a day devoted to self-care, is enough to help a person deal with the stress of life – even the stress of George’s life. Since stress is individualized and really all about perspective, a person with no children or significant other or school, can still feel the same amount of stress as George. That is why self-care is important to everyone, at any level.

What are some great examples of self-care?

  • Reading
  • Exercise
  • Playing a game – (such as a video game)
  • Meditating
  • Going out with friends – (if they are not detrimental to your self-care)
  • Writing – (Journal writing is great)


I see a variety of things and deal with my own mental struggles. Self care is vital and if you are not attending to yourself, note that an impending breakdown, either mentally or physically is upon you. Does that sound dark and horrible? Is that something that bothers you? Then you, my loyal readers and friends, are in need of self-care.


Make time for yourself because no one will make it for you.


Am I a doctor or professional? No. But I have experience. Everyone needs time to themselves. It’s just common sense. Be aware of when you have had enough and take a break. 

Some scenery on your self care adventure.
Some scenery on your self-care adventure.



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