It came to chance that something long since contemplated would arise in front of me. I always thought I might have knack for it. All the years of pent-up anger and repression just waiting to explode. But how? Where would I take out said frustrations? Boxing. It is true. I took up a circuit training class with my boss. She says, with great delight, “It combines boxing along with intense core workouts”. I went to a class, at 6am, and really enjoyed it, not the 6 am part. And who knew, I have some pretty good moves. I’m still trying to figure out the more complicated combos, but it is coming along. So I am punching things a few days a week for an hour. It is creating some good stress management, and some nice looking arms and abs. We run a little for a warm-up and my knees aren’t too happy, but overall, I am getting satisfied with the results.


It seems to me, that this week may have a theme. A theme of unexpectedness. While I have been doing the classes for a month now, I still learn something new every time – like how long I can plank and how I suck at jump roping and those increasingly weird TRX rope things. Did you know you could do mountain climbers in those! Try it, you may want to die afterwards.


I am happy with the unexpectedness and pleased to know I can do more than run, (which is slowly slipping away). So often one finds that it is time to move on and find another activity from which to thrive.


Keep on thriving, readers.


Look at these people, hanging from the walls like monkeys. That, my friends, is TRX.


Think you can do TRX?
Think you can do TRX? (Photo credit: lta362)



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