Trail Tuesdays may become a thing of the past. For almost two years I posted about running, races, and the thrill of open air and open roads. Running gave me the emotional release that I sought for many years and I ran nearly every day for three years. My body has now felt the hazards running can bring. It doesn’t bring it to some, but I’m always the lucky one. So I type this with weary knees, hips, and ligaments that are torn, hyper-extended and just worn out. The sad part of this is I’m only 33. I look back and think of accomplishments that only determination set out to bring me. Life threw many stones that broke me, but never my spirit. I also look back and think of how lucky I am to even be walking. So I take this one thing, running, and put it on the shelf to admire.

This post is about coping. A life time of exercise put wear and tear on this young body. Recently a squat did me in and now I have pains that keep me from exercising. It was a tough pill to swallow. Through all my achievements, a squat has made me slightly immobile. I would love to keep working out, but I now have to find a different way to achieve fitness goals and find other ways to cope. Not only with different exercises, but with life and all its struggles.

If life gets you from all angles and you see no end, look back and remember what was great and how you achieved so you can look forward with hope.


Let it out... we are all listening.

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