Apparently, This Stuff Happens.

It isn’t unusual for me to go a while without posting something, but yesterday was awful and worth complaining about today. Remember Tuesdays post? I basically say my knees are F.U.B.A.R and I have to cope with life stressors. Did that post jinx me or did what happen yesterday come as pure coincidence? What happened you ask? I’m not sure. I woke in the middle of the night with a pain in my leg. Ehh.. I went back to sleep. I woke at my regular time and OMG the pain. So I did what any normal person would do, I walked upstairs, said hi my knee hurts, walked back down, shed a few tears, winced in pain, Googled my diagnosis, cried some more because now I’m sure I have an incurable disease, and then walked back upstairs and drove myself to the ER. After crying, having FOUR panic attacks, and telling the nurse practitioner that she needed to watch her tone, I was assessed with a torn meniscal. Did I ever tell you how lucky I am? If you are confused as to what actually happened, don’t worry, I am too. How on the earth did I tear cartilage in my sleep!? What was I possibly doing. Chasing lions, being chased by lions? Climbing, cliff diving, dancing in a club – wildly? I don’t know, but apparently this stuff happens. I’m not so sure. So todays lesson is… Don’t sleep. Stay awake lest you do something insane like tear cartilage, ligaments, break bones, or murder yourself. It could happen, apparently.

Also, I have to plan my day around stairs. *sigh* Where is the elevator in this house.


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