That’s A Bad Idea.

I was combing through some notes this morning and came across something interesting. After reading it, I questioned where it could have stemmed from. What happened to make me want to write this? Ah yes, now I remember.

I am standing at the front of my car with the hood propped open. The battery on my old Subaru decided it didn’t want to start. No other cars were available for a jump so I took the jump pack from my trunk and was connecting the pack to the battery. Walking her dogs, was a neighbor. She doesn’t like me. With what I’m sure was meant to be just a regular question to her because perhaps what I was doing was a “man’s job”, wasn’t so regular to me. Since I have been doing a “man’s job” all my life. She says, “Where is your husband? Shouldn’t he be doing that?”

I don’t like to talk to people who ask stupid questions. The whole process is boring and useless.

At that moment, the car started and I disconnected the pack, removed it, then slammed the hood. I just glared. Question answered lady. No. I don’t need a man to start my car.

So that is how this piece of writing was prompted. If I were to focus my anger on humans, I’d be in prison, and we already know why I can’t go there.


Never assume I can’t fix it myself.

Never assume that I’ve never done something.

Never assume I am not listening.

Never assume I am nice.

Never assume I don’t care.

Never assume I won’t try.

Never assume I will do what society wants.

Never assume I have a definite reason for my behavior or actions.

Never assume that my silence is weakness.

Never assume that because I’m in a skirt I won’t kick your ass.

Never assume I would never make it on my own.

Never assume I won’t put up a fight.

Never assume I will quit.

Never assume anything. Even if you think you know me. If you have to assume, then you don’t know me at all.


Let it out... we are all listening.

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