Become Free

Sometimes when I see a blank piece of paper I’m not sure if I want to draw on it, write on it, cut it, or just turn my back on it. It begs to become a creation of something that lies in my brain. I fight with what to do. Perhaps I should not fight. Perhaps I should unleash what is trapped inside my mind and let that blank piece of paper have it.

I think this could apply to anything. And maybe today you will look at the pan for cooking and create something amazing and you will feel free. You may be sitting at work, looking for ideas on the next project and suddenly know exactly what to do. It can happen and you will let it. Today you will look at the blank piece of paper and instead of fighting, you will become inspired.

It is Monday and it can be full of inspiration.

I taught a little girl I watch to make snowflakes and now there are snowflakes everywhere. It’s amazing.


Let it out... we are all listening.

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