Starting Over

I think I have another post titled the same thing. Oh well. Thinking of clever things to say ALL THE TIME is exhausting. Do you know what else is tiresome? Starting over. If you read my wondrous rants, all the time, you know I messed up my knee in an epic dance off while I was sleeping. I did some physical therapy and got very discouraged, so I quit. I am not really the quitting type, especially when it comes to exercise, because even though I am tall, I can get pretty lumpy and I am not okay with it. Plus I have some mood problems and exercise helps. I can tell I am getting a little crazy. More than usual and this is not good. So in order to conquer my issues, I went for a walk. I did 30 minutes today. It is a big deal. So I will take this moment and wait for your applause and roaring screams. ….. ….. ….. …. …..

Thanks. I really appreciate it. (please not the heavy sarcasm)

I am going to try again on Wednesday, but only 30 minutes and I will try to keep up with my physical therapy because no one wants to see a walking gimp. I may not shower or comb my hair one day and decide to go for a walk and be mistaken for a zombie and start an apocalypse. On second thought…..



Let it out... we are all listening.

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