A World Anew

I am trying this writing thing again. I saw something on Pinterest a few days ago, and it inspired me. It said to keep a journal. In that journal write what happened to you, but not everything. It had to be something you remember specifically and instead of just saying what it was, you had to turn it into a story. So here is my first go. It is an almost true account of an event that took place only yesterday. Its gripping tale unfolds here. Enjoy.

Perhaps you could try and decipher the exact event that took place within the story since it is based on true events. Have fun with that!

Laughter and splashing came from the pool a few feet away as I read the pages in a tale that gripped me. Page after page I turned and it was on the pages that I started to notice something strange. The spots were small and gray but they were distracting even from a story that kept my eyes moving. Being so close to the pool, I assumed the spots were water droplets from the splashing. I found myself even more entangled into the novel.

The time had come to leave and we packed our things and left the building. I proceeded to the car and the spots had returned. The small gray dots had progressed into larger, dark blotches. I sat down on a nearby bench. The fear was emanating out of my pores and she knelt down to make sure I was okay, trying to be strong. My breaths became shallow and the world dark. It was then the panic took hold and she started to cry. Others took notice and came to my side. I heard the sirens of an ambulance, and they placed me inside and rushed me away.

I slept for days. On the other hand, perhaps I wasn’t sleeping. I could hear beeping and voices. I couldn’t still be in a hospital. It made no sense. I felt a hand gently touch mine and a voice I haven’t heard in months. I cried. My eyes were open, but I saw nothing. He touched me and I took my hand and traced his fingers, then his arm, and finally made my way to his face. The voice and the face came together and I knew he had traveled far to be at my side. I wept more.

With a sudden rush, I panicked and questioned where she was. His other hand touched my cheek with the lightest of strokes and he assured me she was okay and with her family. I cried more, felt ashamed and angry, and saddened by the quickness of a world I once knew; swept away and replaced with a world that I didn’t want, but knew I must become accustomed.

It is nice when you find things to help your motivation.
I found this on Pinterest.

Let it out... we are all listening.

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