My Super Secret.

Did I ever let any of you know that I’m a huge super hero fan? It’s true. I love all super hero stuff. Justice League, Super Friends, Avengers. I’m not a nerd about it. I can’t recite facts or tell you the exact location of Aqua Man, (as if anyone cares). I just like super hero stuff. Some big box stores like Walmart and Target sell really great vintage shirts. I saw one recently, unavailable of course, with all the female super heroes and it said, ‘We Fight Crime In Heels’. Ummm…. Awesome. I must have that shirt. Why? Two reasons. 1 – because it proclaims that females can kick your ass in stilettos. 2- because I don’t need a reason.

Someone buy me that shirt. I need it. Find a WalMart that has it in stock. I wear a large.

This post is not really an inspirational Monday post. However, if you need some inspiration, look at this photo full of inspirational people who fight crime while you sleep, eat, and do other stuff. They never ask for a thank you, but I am sure of one thing. Before the words ever came out of your brain and past your lips, they would just nod and say, You’re Welcome. Because super heroes are smart, snarky, and amazing. And sometimes inspirational.

Happy Inspirational Monday.


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