Is It Too Much?

Hello my faithful followers. As I was typing that, I thought, Wow I sound like a cult leader. Huh. Anywho. I hope you have been well. I, however, have not. It is why you have not been graced with my brilliance. Stop laughing. I have taken some much-needed time and did a few things for myself. It is known as self-care: The art of indulgence before the snapping of ones nerves so he or she does not find themselves in prison for a string of murders. Remember, you and I are too pretty for prison.

I feel much better after my much-needed break. However, I have been posing a question for the past few days. Can a person partake in too much self-care? Is there a thing as too much? Yes. Yes there is. I wont even get into addiction. Lets pretend you are not addicted to shopping, drugs, or alcohol. No need to introduce yourself in here. Anywho. Back to the lecture at hand.

I think I over did it and may be on the border of either manic depressant or bipolar activities, such as impulsive shopping. Perhaps the quacks were right. I spent a little too much on self-care. So now that I am broke, I should indulge in the things I bought for myself. Of these items are books, books, and more books. Oh yes I got a manicure and a pedicure. I can’t even fathom why I did that. I also got a book that teaches the proper way to doodle. Did you know there was a proper way to doodle? It actually has a proper name and there are a plethora of books devoted to teach people how to properly doodle. Zentagle. Look it up, people. You will be amazed. Also, I like the word properly.  So my lesson for today is, indulge in self-care, but not too much. You probably still have rent to pay and groceries to buy.




Let it out... we are all listening.

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