Attack Of The Six-Legged Beasts!

So in the spirit of writing in a journal and making a small entry into a story, I give you a recent incident. Also, if I am ever kidnapped and perhaps you or another are curious on a good way to torture me for information, use ants. The non lethal kind will do. You know, just in case you were wondering. It is good to know these things. I’m not sure why, though.


The cave reeked of bile. The stench flooded my airways and my eyes began to water. Turning back seemed a lucrative idea. The thought as tempting as cake on a diet. But no one could think of cake when the rotten smell of death was clinging to the air. I made my way into the depths of the ever expanding cave. The darkness consumed ever crevasse. I reached into a pocket to retrieve the MAG light. It formulated enough wattage to bring light to a small village. A bit overkill for the current situation, but this job was unlike any other. My duties sworn with The Resistance and its obligations was to rid the country of putrid ant scum. They came in droves, colonizing in secret, gaining access to areas deemed uninhabitable to many humans. They bred by the hundreds and in months their takeover began. They populated every city and forced civilization to its knees. After a few weeks, the ants were flooding the world. They soon gained access and control over humans and made their way to small islands, building even larger colonies. Humans withered away and only a few survived. Years followed and although many thought the ants enslaved us all, they were never smart enough to capture every living soul. This is where I come in. The ants carried dead human carcasses into caves and fed. The smell are the decomposing bodies. I ready my blaster specially made to kill an ant instantly. Each loaded container was to hold enough ammonia to knock out a few elephants. With the size of these ants increasing in size by the hour, these canisters held enough ammonia to kill a dinosaur or two. I inched closer to the colony. In the distance I heard movement. My heat source detector flashed, but the readout was inconclusive. I readied my weapon. I carefully placed my feet on the surface of the floor, now covered in blood and bile. The smell of rotting flesh never appealed to me, but I suppose it isn’t something you get used to. My sensor flashed again revealing a sort of straight line. I assumed it must be an ant tentacle. I neared a curve in the layout of the cave. I stood my ground. The tentacle reached for the wall. I held my blaster at the ready and braced my feet to withstand the recoil. My sensor flashed and just as I started squeezing the trigger, “Please, don’t shoot. Please, save me.”



Let it out... we are all listening.

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